Best Solar Flood Lights – Buyers Guide

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Best Solar Flood Lights

You can use floodlights for a variety of purposes. However, upgrading your home security can be one of the most important reasons to get these kinds of lights. A solar-powered floodlight is not only a far more economical option, but it is also a great addition to have in your home. If you are looking for information on the best solar flood lights you can buy, here is everything you need to know about it. 

The ones I use are the Vivii Solar Flood Lights. They cover a great distance and offer amazing brightness. You can read my full impressions with these solar floodlights further down in this article. Before that, here is a bit more information to give you a direction in making your choice.

How long does it take to charge solar floodlights during the daytime?

Charging solar flood lights are actually quite an easy affair. All you need to do is allow direct exposure to sunlight, and within 3 to 7 hours, you can fully charge your solar floodlights. You can then use these lights during the day time, where they continue to receive sunlight, and even throughout the night. 

Can you keep your solar flood lights outside during rain?

Yes, your solar floodlights will not damage or refuse to work during rain. Of course, you have to make sure that they do receive adequate direct sunlight for them to charge up completely, but the rainwater does not affect the floodlights at all. You can easily place your solar floodlights outside your home without any fear. 

How does a motion sensor flood light work?

Having a motion sensor floodlight can be a great security feature to add to your home. How this works is; during the daytime, your solar flood lights charge with the help of direct sunlight. Charging them for 3 to 7 hours a day is enough to help the floodlights work through the night. Make sure to keep the switch of the floodlights in the ‘off’ position when you are charging them. 

There can be one or more motion sensors on your floodlights. When the motion sensors detect any motion (for about a distance of 26 feet from them), the floodlights automatically illuminate the area where you place them. In case the lights do not sense any more motion for about 20 seconds after this, the floodlights automatically turn off, thus conserving power and not creating any disturbance either. 

How do you clean your solar flood lights?

It is a straightforward process to clean your solar floodlights. In fact, you can get away with cleaning them once in a while when you feel that they are dirty or cloudy. Take a damp cloth, you can add some dish soap to it too. Wipe down your solar panels and floodlights with a gentle hand.

You can then use another damp cloth to wipe them off. If you find any dirt or debris on them, you can first wipe or brush it away using a damp paper towel. Allow them to dry and then use your lights again as usual. 

How often should you clean solar flood lights?

It is always best to have a regular cleaning and maintenance program with your solar floodlights, as you would have with any other product you have at home. You should preferably clean your solar panels and the lights when it is dark outside, so either at night, when you turn off your solar lights, or early in the morning.

You can also ask a professional to inspect the solar flood lights once in six months, just as regular maintenance. 

Can you keep your solar floodlights on for an entire night?

As long as your solar panels get adequate sunlight during the daytime, say about 3 to 7 hours of sunlight, you will be able to use them without any issues all night if you need to! You can now leave chores like blowing the leaves or cutting the grass for the night time and get it done without a hustle!

What are the best ones you can get now?

Choosing the best depends on you and your needs. I hope the guide above will help you make up your mind on what you need. Now here is my choice, based on thorough research and years of experience:

Vivii Solar Flood Lights

Our Pick
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The Vivii Solar Flood Lights are one of the best selling today! The offer illumination of 80 lumens in a wide angle of 270 degrees. This makes these floodlights perfect for any backyard. The dedicated motion sensor is very reliable and doesn’t switch on randomly. With just 7 hours of charging on daylight, you should get up to 12 hours of active time. On top of all, they are waterproof!

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If you are looking to improve the security of your home with the help of floodlights, then Vivii Solar Flood Lights are the best option on the market for you. These floodlights not only work on solar power, which means that you end up saving on your electricity bills, but they are also motion sensor lights!

The Vivii Solar Flood Lights have just one motion sensor, which makes them work very accurately at all times. The light which emits from them is potent and perfect for using in your backyard or patio. 

Cleaning and maintaining your solar flood lights are effortless. After charging in the sun for about 3 to 7 hours, these lights work perfectly throughout the night! They also come with rechargeable batteries, just in case you need to use them. 

Finally, you can easily use these floodlights even during the rainy season, as they are incredibly durable and weather resistant. Just remember to clean them regularly so that you can enjoy their brightness to the optimal! 

Why We Like It:

  • Motion sensor turns the floodlights on when it detects any motion between 10 to 26 feet
  • Super bright and very efficient to use in your backyard
  • Charges in sunlight automatically within 3 to 7 hours
  • You can use them the entire night; they also come with rechargeable batteries in case they run out of power

What We Don’t Like: 

  • In case you fix the solar floodlights to a wall, you will have to unscrew them and take them out of their place if you want to switch the power off.

The fix: Instead of fixing them permanently on your wall, you can also choose to attach your solar floodlights with a nail so you can easily slip them off and turn off the switch for cleaning and other purposes. 

Why You Should Get It: 

If you want to install floodlights in your backyard or patio, but you also want them to be economical, then the Vivii Solar Flood Lights are the best option. These floodlights are incredibly bright, work accurately due to the motion sensor technology, and are also super easy to install, clean, and maintain! Increase your home security with the help of Vivii Solar Flood Lights. Click here to check other customer reviews on Amazon. 

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