Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower – Buyers Guide

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best walk behind leaf blower

Those who have big, beautiful yards know how much care and maintenance goes into keeping their yards beautiful. When it comes to cleaning up leaves and other small debris, there are many tools you can use. Leaf blowers are a very convenient and easy to use tool for your backyards and gardens. Here is everything you should know about the best walk behind leaf blower that you can buy. 

If you just want my answer, then check out the Troy-Bilt Walk Behind Leaf Blower. It is lightweight and yet extremely powerful tool. You can read more on my impressions with this leaf blower further down in this article. Before that, here is some additional information to help you make the choice that fits your needs!

What is a walk-behind leaf blower?

Walk-behind leaf blowers are a very convenient and powerful tool that you can use to clean out the debris and leaves from your backyard or garden. These machines have wheels which makes it easy for you to roll them as you walk behind, pushing them forward. The walk-behind leaf blower systematically allows you to ‘blow’ and collect the debris and leaves in an area from where you can quickly clear them out. 

Is it possible to use the leaf blower on wet leaves?

While you can use your walk behind leaf blower on wet leaves, it may not work as well, as the leaves tend to stick to the ground and to each other, and also have some weight on them, making the task just a little more complicated. However, you can wait for the leaves to dry naturally after while using the leaf blower is much more convenient. 

How often do you have to use a leaf blower in your yard or garden?

You can use the leaf blower as often as you want. While other methods of clearing leaves and debris might take almost an hour, the leaf blower works much faster and helps you clean your garden or yard within 15 to 20 minutes! 

You can choose to use your leaf blower every day if it is necessary, or even as little as once a week. 

Can you change the speed of the engine or the airspeed on a leaf blower?

Well, this depends upon the model of the leaf blower, which you decide to purchase. Still, most leaf blowers will allow you to change the airspeed, going as high or as low as you need according to your own convenience. The higher the airspeed, the faster and further the leaves will blow to the other side of your yard. 

What kind of oil should you use?

You can use the same kind of oil in your leaf blower as you would use on a lawnmower or any other type of small machine. Of course, it is always best to consult a professional so that you can get the best kind of oil for your device to make it work properly. 

How often should you change the oil on your leaf blower?

After you use your walk behind leaf blower for the very first time, you will need to change the oil after 5 hours of use. However, after that, you can change the oil as and when you want; it is seasonal. 

Can you use a leaf blower for smaller as well as larger yards?

Yes, you can easily use your walk behind leaf blower for both smaller as well as larger yards. In fact, a powerful leaf blower will work very well in large yards. You might need to change the airspeed for smaller yards so that you don’t end up blowing the leaves too far onto the road or in your neighbor’s yard! A walk-behind leaf blower is one of the easiest to use machines that you can use for cleaning the debris and leaves off your yard! 

What are the best walk-behind leaf blowers?

Today, with so many different choices you have, it can be difficult to choose the one that fits your needs. We spent many hours doing thorough research and testing a few of the most popular leaf blowers, and here is our conclusion:

Troy-Bilt Walk Behind Leaf Blower

Our Pick
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The Troy-Bilt Walk Behind Leaf Blower is lightweight and very easy to maneuver around the backyard. It blows leaves right away. Even those small wet ones, stuck on the grass. The rubberized grip handle fits perfectly in your hands and doesn’t allow the leaf blower to slip away. It has 3-quart fuel capacity, which is more than enough to go over bigger surfaces. It is definitely worth checking out!

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When it comes to purchasing a leaf blower for your yard, patio, or driveway, you will find many options on the market. The Troy-Bilt Walk Behind Leaf Blower is an extremely powerful, yet lightweight and easy to use.

The Troy-Bilt Walk Behind Leaf Blower has a 208cc OHV engine, which is very powerful and helps you do your job with ease. The leaf blower works on gas and has a 150 mph airstream. However, you can easily change the airspeed according to your own convenience. 

The 90-degree front discharge chute makes the entire process much easier for you. The machine is easy to maneuver because of the semi-pneumatic ball bearing wheels. The grip handle is made of rubber and gives you ultimate comfort so that your hands are comfortable while moving the machine from one side to another. 

With a 14-inch output impeller and a 3-quart fuel capacity, the Troy-Bilt Walk Behind Leaf Blower is the best option on the market for all leaf blowing needs. 

Why We Like It:

  • The 1000 CFM airflow volume capacity ensures there is always proper ventilation and does not allow the machine to overheat
  • The large size semi-pneumatic ball bearing wheels let you easily maneuver the leaf blower all around your yard
  • A 208 cc overhead valve engine makes the leaf blower powerful enough to do most of the hard work for you! 
  • The 90-degree front discharge chute lets you accurately blow and collect the leaves in one area instead of blowing them around your yard, creating a bigger mess. 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • In places where there is snowfall or rain, the leaf blower might not be able to blow the leaves as far, thus not working optimally.

The fix: There is a straightforward fix to this; you can dry off your yard and allow the leaves to dry, after which you will find it much easier to use the leaf blower for clearing out the debris and leaves from your yard, patio or driveway! 

Why You Should Get It

When it comes to choosing a walk-behind leaf blower for your home, you cannot go wrong with the Troy-Bilt Walk Behind Leaf Blower. The machine is so powerful, lightweight, and easy to maneuver that you will find it a pleasure to use this in your yard regularly! Click here to check other customer reviews on Amazon. 

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