How to Drain an Above Ground Pool

how to drain an above ground pool

The summer months mean you can finally whip out your above ground pool and enjoy the hot summer mornings in it. Keeping your pool clean and maintaining it means draining it and cleaning it regularly. If you are looking for tips on how to drain an above ground pool, then there are a few methods you can use. These include: using a garden hose and using a vacuum pump or an electric pool pump. Here is all you need to learn about it. 

How to drain your above ground pool using a garden hose

Here is a pretty straight-forward and easy method that you can use to drain an above ground pool. You can choose to use more than one garden hoses for this, as it will speed up the process. Here is how you can do it: 

  1. Place the garden hose or hoses inside the above ground pool. 
  2. Now, take one end of each of the garden hoses and place it on the ground. You will see that the water from the pool begins to drain out automatically. 

How to drain your above ground pool using a vacuum pump

A vacuum pump will help you drain your above ground pool at a much faster rate than using a garden hose. You can also empty out your pool almost entirely by using the right vacuum pump. Here is how you can do it: 

  1. Start by unrolling the hose of the vacuum pump till it is long enough to reach the center of your above ground pool
  2. You can place the other end of the hose, which is the outlet hose, outside the pool somewhere on the ground where the water can quickly drain out. 
  3. There will be an electric cord. Take this cord and attach it to a power outlet, but make sure that you thoroughly dry your hands first before you do this. 
  4. Turn on the pump and allow the water to drain out slowly. You can monitor the level of water in the above ground pool constantly. Make sure that you place the outlet hose in an area where you can quickly drain out the water and get rid of it. 
  5. Once you see that the water level in the pool is too low, turn off the pump. You can then drain out the rest of the water using the garden hose siphon method and quickly drain out your entire pool without any hassle. 

Why you should drain your above ground pool

There can be many reasons as to why you would want to drain your above ground pool. However, in some cases, it becomes quite essential for you to do so. Here are a few reasons: 

  • Storage- Most people use their above ground pool only during the warm summer months. Once summer goes away, you might want to store your pool again to take out later. You have to find an excellent method to drain out the pool for storage. 
  • Changing its location- For those who wish to move their above ground pool to a new place, even if it is just a matter of a few feet, it is vital first to drain the pool and then move it. If you try to move your pool without draining it first, you might end up damaging the structure of it. 
  • For cleaning or replacing stale pool water- It is vital to keep your above ground pool clean always. Otherwise, you might fester germs and bacteria in it. It can be very dangerous for those who are swimming or relaxing in an unclean pool. Replacing the stale pool water regularly is something that you should always do. In these cases, you will have to drain out the pool water using these methods and then clean and replace the water. 
  • Replace the pool liner- In case your pool liner somehow has damage, or you need to replace it, you will have to drain out all the water first to do so. You will not be able to do this task without draining out the pool water first from the above ground pool. 
  • To fix the pool chemistry- Your above ground pool water’s chemistry can get into an imbalance for several reasons, such as using too much pool stabilizer, or maybe a pH imbalance. To fix the pool chemistry, you will have to drain out all the pool water first and then replace it. 

What happens if you don’t drain out the above ground pool?

Well, there are many reasons why you would want to drain out your pool water, but you should also know the risks of not doing so. Here are some things you should know: 

  • While many people often choose to keep their above ground pool in storage once the summer is over, many people don’t wrap it up and keep it lying about. If you do this with your above ground pool, then you should remember that if you don’t keep regularly changing the stale pool water, it can be hazardous. The bacteria and germs can affect whoever is using the pool. Moreover, you may also notice the growth of algae in the pool, which can make the pool quite slimy and dirty. 
  • An above-ground pool requires water to keep its structure. However, this does not mean that you should never drain out the pool. It is essential to use these methods to drain out the pool, clean it, and then add fresh water to it to keep it hygienic for everyone using it. 

These are the best methods that you can use to drain your above ground pool. Along with this, you should always remember to dry out your pool before you store it. You can do this by using a wet and dry vacuum, or you can also choose to leave it outside to air dry naturally. Make sure that you drain your pool completely using one or a mixture of these methods so you can care for your above ground pool in the best way possible.

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